Monday, April 11, 2011

Dining room table was left behind at our rental property and I fell in love with it!! It was kept outside and used for a spray paint base, a base for a charcoal grill, and a place to repair chains ( as there is a large impression in the table top). 
First step was to clean using Murphy's oil soap and whew was it dirty! Second, I used a paint stripper to remove the spray paint and embedded varnish. It took three applications and a wire brush but I did remove almost all of the spray paint. I did not fill in the "character holes" left by the chain repair and what-ever else was done to this poor piece of furniture. Next, I used "Ebony" stain, three coats, applied with a clean towel and I did not remove any of the excess. There was none. Lastly, I applied three coats of a satin poly. I do love this piece! I could not have gone to a department store and purchased this size piece with the perfect color that I have now!

The color is actually the darkest ebony, not the walnut color...hope you enjoy :-)