Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toy Containment Center

This is the AFTER....
Not a conventional toy chest for a 4 year old, but I think he will like it.
All the essential have their place:  TV/DVD, book shelf is on the other side, the side you can see is chalk board (that's chalk hanging from a string), all of his DVD's....

Every surface that comes into contact with a sliding object like a basket or TV, I sprayed it with truck bed paint so it won't scratch. That's the plan anyway.

Do the chalkboard signs look like left over baseboard...that's because it is. Left over from my kitchen renovation.

Sending love to all the bloggers I follow...without you I would be sitting around waiting for my next issue of Southern Living magazine.

This is the before:
A craigslist find...I searched for a good little while to find the right size and shape for my little one's room. An old entertainment center upcycled for a new toy holder. I removed the glass front door (not good for a four year old) and the weak backing. The once popular honey oak color goes bye bye and the new satin black and tan with chalkboard accents come to the forefront. 

Maybe it's time to begin working on the table I see in the 


  1. Great job! I have a similar entertainment center that I need to do something with... well, truthfully it just doesn't fit in this house and I need to sell it, but... this is inspirational! Love the baseboard signs, too! Thank you so much for your sweet comment about our office on Primitive and Proper!

  2. Hi Lee Anne, This a great transformation! So functional and it looks great too! Thanks for your sweet comments about my outdoor room. I'm a new follower. You have some great stuff.

  3. Great idea!! I am currently working on my son's room and this is such a great idea! I am filing this away, bc if we have another baby, he will lose his playroom and I will need something like this in his room. I love upcycling dated entertainment centers! I had plans to take one and reno it into a mudroom built-in. Alas, once moving into the new house, it wont fit. :( Ahh, but there's always the next house! Thanks for popping by and checking out my patio furniture painting project! I hear ya about seeing carts full of random things and wondering what they are going to create!