Friday, July 15, 2011

Everyone Needs a Turquoise Desk

Beautiful curves, just the right size and free...ahh, refurbish bliss :-)
Cute little desk found on Freecycle with a small amount of damage that was easily corrected. Just because I'm a little bit proud of the color, I'm posting the pics before the project is finished. Is that a no no? Oh well, please forgive me :-) I just couldn't help myself!

Love me some
Kilz primer!

On the lookout for baskets to fill the gaps and new hardware. Exciting!


  1. What a pretty color desk. I really like your board and batten in the background ;).

  2. I've been looking for one of these for quite a while and haven't bitten the bullet to buy one. Yours looks beautiful!

  3. Kim, The board and batten was a previous DIY project. We do enjoy the light airy feel of the space now.

  4. i love what you did with it. it looks fab xx