Friday, July 6, 2012

Dining Room Bench made from Headboard/Footboard

One of my summer projects. Although this bench currently sits on the front porch (until the stain cures), it will move indoors to its final home in our dining room...just to add a little color to the space. I started with a headboard and footboard (thank you ReStore!) and went from there.

The footboard was cut in half but I decided this was too deep for a seat, so I trimmed about four inches off each piece. The footboard pieces are attached to the headboard with pocket screws. I added 1x4's across the front and back and then more 1x4's as cross braces connected to each front and back piece.

The top piece (where you actually sit) is a piece of mdf from ReStore.

The paint: one coat of primer, one coat of red, distress corners, apply and wipe off ebony stain

Loved making this piece and will def do it again. One the hunt for more willing headboard/footboard combos!

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