Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is today the day I will have running water in my kitchen?

Neighbor is here cutting, re-fitting and gluing pvc under our new sink...then I hear, Ya'll have a problem... oh no!
what is the problem?
seems the workers who installed the granite cut the connecting end from the dishwasher, so now the line has to be replaced...
well, beauty comes at a price:-) with patience, victory will be mine!

must, must, must visit the Newnan Re-Store on Saturday. I've been scoping out a certain 1940's buffet, and this weekend EVERYTHING in the store is 20% off AND they sent me a 10% off coupon for Sat. only!
Woo Hoo! I just hope it is still there on Sat! If not, I'm sure I can find something else that will give me my DIY fix.

In the process of getting together picks of the kitchen renovation, although I guess I can't call it a renovation, just a small face lift, but as all face lifts make me smile!

Work today was another good day. Lucky me, how many people love their jobs? Well I am one, so now you know at least one person that enjoys going to work every day :-)

Have a good one peeps!

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