Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Island Construction is finished :-)

20110221192611.jpg20110221192559.jpg20110221192545.jpgWell, I have a few pieces of trim to add and the trashcan bin needs some  support brackets, but the island is beautiful. My eyes are becoming accustomed to the side ways corbels. I would really have preferred them vertical, but the granite needed support so I stuck to the plan.

In the previous posts you can see this started out as a $25 bathroom cabinet which we added a base, pull out garbage bin and a granite counter.

1. Primed using Kilz.
2. Painted using the lightest of gray.
3. Used low grade sandpaper to rough up the edges.
4. Wiped the entire piece down with walnut stain and then wiped off again.

I do like it! I will love it better when I install the mocha floor.

I would love to add the trim this week, but going out of town...I may try it...

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