Saturday, February 5, 2011

Island still under construction...

Rain, Rain Go Away :-)  I've been in the garage as much as possible working on the island base but it is still there...waiting to be placed in it's new home.
The base kick plate has been added. I am learning the type of builder I am...and it seems I am the fluid model :-) I have no problem changing the design as I go along. So, I see a design that will work better than my idea, and what do ya know, it is now my design. Hmm.

How do we make a square sounds easy, but my friends it is very tricky :-)
The idea is to make a box to attach to the front door as a pull out for the extra large trash can in the island base. After having the wonderful lady at Lowe's to cut the 3/4 and 1/2 inch plywood into the right dimensions, I brought the 4 pieces of wood home to build the box. Easy, just screw them together....well after cuttin, unscrewing, screwing again...I decided to take the back piece out and replace with slats.
Not perfect, but I'm happy to say it rolls in and out of the island and will be a beautiful garbage can.

Now today I will tackle the, I didn't know what a corbel was either until I started this project. lol

Because the island will be topped with granite with an 18 inch overhang, I need some support and the corbel is just the thing to help. Today I will drill a pilot hole and attach to the base using very large bolts...well they may be a little too big, but it's better to be safe than sorry I say!

Have fun today my friends!

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